Hey everyone.. I have some YUMMY eats that were taking up space on my camera, once again. This post is a major hodge podge/catch up.. enjoy!

For lunch the other day, I threw together a quick “Asian Style” soup… so easy, healthy and filling. The mix had:

  • 6 cups H20
  • Veggie Bouillon cube
  • Carrots
  • Snow Peas
  • Mushrooms
  • Zucchini
  • Spinach
  • Edamame
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Whole Wheat Bow Ties

With a side of:

Ezekiel Bread drizzled with olive oil and a TON of nutritional yeast!!

Some random din dins were:

Yes, there are a lot of sweet taters ready for roasting!

With a side of steamed kale.. (I think I ate all but TWO of these) lol

Amazing chili with whole wheat cornbread.. so simple to make!

Another din din was a GIANT vegan samosa (it was delicious) bought from our farmers market, some steamed kale, and asparagus!!

Last night, I was feeling something simple.. a veggie burger it was!

.. A side of TJ’s vegetable flax chips, salsa, and roasted yellow squash slices!

YUM.. topped with a massive tomato slice and some spinach!

Finally, I leave you with a snacky plate (obviously):

**Now, onto my title.. this is my LAST post! It has been fun, but it is time to take a little break. I will still be keeping up with you all, but Abby’s Vegan Eats is on hiatus. Perhaps someday Ill be back!! Thanks for reading, everyone.. you have been great! :)

The BIG 2-9

Today my wonderful husband turned 29! I wanted to make his day special because he truly is the hardest working, most sincere, intelligent, and funny person I know. He had a full day of classes AND work (plus it iwas  a rainy BLAH Wednesday), so I made him a super yummy breakfast:

Stovetop oats made with: almond milk/ bananas and topped with carob chips and almond butter! YUM

I kept asking him for DAYS what he would like for his b-day din din. I got: “It doesn’t matter” SOO, I took it upon myself and chose an Asian theme. I kept our evening meal light because I knew we would want to save room for DESSERT!! Anywhoo, I picked up some brown rice sushi rolls from the co-op down the street plus a tofu spring roll and piled them on a plate with some fresh raw veggies and a side of tamari sauce for dipping!

.. A lil vino


Vegan Chocolate.. specially ordered from our local co-op!


Clearly, some Rice Dream was in order!

Wow, was this ever RICH.. it was good with a cup of tea!

YA for presents!

It was a super  night, Happy Birthday to the hub!

Have a good evening, everyone! :)


Hey guys, hope everyone is fairing well and had an enjoyable weekend! It is beautiful here in NC.. the hub and I must have put on at least 15-20 miles just strollin about town! I  have some random munchies for ya from today the past few!

Breakfast this morn:

Oatmeal (made with almond milk, raisins, and cinnamon) scooped over a banana!

A snacky plate:

A mix of veggies,an apple and Newmans pretzels!

Yesterday for dinner, I randomly made the most delicious creation ever (ehh kinda) lol. I grabbed a spelt muffin, topped it with organic pizza sauce, thick eggplant slices, and nutritional yeast. I baked it for about 10 minutes in a 375* oven..

.. with a simple spinach salad(sorry for the weird lighting!)

Another meal this weekend was a repeat (Im sure you have all seen it before)

Massive platter of steamed kale, roasted butternut filled with black beans and an Ezek. tortilla!


For din din this evening, I whipped up a lil stovetop chili. Usually I make my chili in the crockpot, so this was kinda “crazy” for me..lol. It turned out fabulous! In the mix was: All these yummy veggies PLUS kidney, pinto, and black beans and some stewed tomatoes…

Simmering away…

My helping: served over warm, delish polenta (the cornmeal was purchased FRESH from the farmers market this weekend!!)

SPEAKING of the farmers market.. look what else I snagged:

YUP, a big ol sack of Beauregard sweet taters.. Ive already roasted two baby ones!!

A tad later, I munched on this guy:LOVE these Hemp Bars… please try them ASAP!


Some fresh fruit: cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, and grapes

**QUESTION to all you wordpress users. Do you need to buy a space upgrade afer exceeding your upload quota? Apparently I used up my 3GB already and I’m not sure what to do! Any insight is welcome. ENJOY the start of your week, everyone!! :) :)


So since I started taking pics of my food, I have noticed a trend in my eating habits. For meals/snacks, I simply grab the biggest plate I can find and FILL it with a bunch of random yummy things. It seems to work for me. I’m never hungry and I always have energy, SOO I think I’m going to keep up with it. lol. Anyways, today was no different (OH I also took note that I ate A LOT of ORANGE foods today.. they happen to show up on every platter I made). Every day I try to “eat the rainbow”.. the brighter the colors, the better!

Breakfast was:

Millet toast with AB and jelly, a clementine, and a half a nanner

ONE  of my snacks included:

Raw veggies, Mary’s crackers, almonds, and applesauce!

Another random platter looked like this (I was feeling RED apparently?):

MORE Veggies and TJ’s Vegetable Flax chips!

Din Din was a my fav (please forgive the repetition):

Roasted sweet taters AND yams, spinach salad with sauteed mushrooms, and a few pieces of Ezek..


Even bigger YUM..

Many more platters were involved today, but I didn’t snap a pic of everything! On a side note, Nature’s Path sent me ANOTHER box of goodies to review. I’m not sure why.. but they keep on coming?!? I’m not complaining, though.. I adore Nature’s Path and their values on creating healthy, sustainable products!

I received:

  • Pumpkin-N-Spice Granola bars
  • MMMaple Pecan Granola bars (sadly these have dried milk in em)
  • Crunchy Maple Sunrise Cereal (Gluten Free!)
  • Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise (Also GF)

The other day, I enjoyed a bowl of the Vanilla Sunrise with some blueberries.. it was very tasty, super light, too!

Ill keep ya updated as I try each item! Have a super night, everyone… it’s almost TGIF! :)


Hey everyone, HAPPY Tuesday!!  I  had some backup on the camera…I need to catch ya up on a few of the  meals Ive enjoyed the past few days!

Dinners (Linners):

Corn/Edamame Quinoa with a side of steamed kale and some pita!

His ‘n Her Pizzas!! (Hers with mushrooms, His with jalapenos)

Sweet taters, tons of greens, and re-fried pinto beans (weird lighting.. sorry!!)

Leftover Homemade Chunky Veggie Soup (drained), served over noodles..

Still keepin V-Day alive with that napkin..lol

Random Breakfasts:

Millet Rice/Almond Milk/Blues!

2 Flax waffs, applesauce, fresh berries

Oatbran in my leftover AB jar!

Snacks, obviously!

One more…

Last but not least, I received a lovely package yesterday from winning Ms. Chrysta’s Xan Chocolate Give-away!! YA.. these Saintly Sins Candies are so good AND are gluten free/vegan. Thanks Chrysta! :)

The hub and I successfully polished off these 5 delights!

A BIG THANK YOU for all your sweet comments on my last “picture loaded” post.. you are too sweet, I truly appreciate it!  Enjoy your evening! :)

Oh Cupid…

Happy Heart Day to you all!! Yes, I realize Valentines Day can be considered a commercial holiday BUT I  like it! My hubby and I had our first date on V-Day 6 years ago.. I remember it vividly.. a nice Italian din din (NO awkward silences). We keep the tradition alive by going out for a nice meal every year (more on that in a sec). Breakfast this morn was:

Some fruit/nuts, and a piece of heart toast!

The remaining “crust” was shoveled in my mouth while spreading the jelly!

Blackberries, Blues, and Almonds!

For “linner”, I whipped up a  simple little plate for myself:

Sauteed broccoli, mushrooms, eggplant and spinach with some homemade pizza sauce and a sprouted grain tortilla!

SO, since we have moved, finding new places to celebrate special occasions has been easy. There are sooo many great restaurants to try out in the triangle region of NC. We had Valentine’s din (Saturday night) at a new  Indian restaurant called Mint in Chapel Hill. Their menu is quite extensive and although no dishes are labeled “vegan”, they have a ton of vegetarian stuff and were super accommodating to our “odd” diet. lol.

I started with some yummy soup:

Mulligatwany (A puree of lentils and veggies) topped with cilantro

For our entrees we ordered:

Vegetable Jaifrezi (Fresh Veggies sauteed with ginger, garlic, and tomatoes!)


Gobi Tawa Masla (Cauliflower cooked with Potatoes, cumin, and fresh spices)

They look similar but have very distinct flavors.. I loved em both!

Basmati with peas and warm nan (sans butter!)


My plate!!

I love Indian food, sooo delicious and fresh.. great meal! :)

For dessert (today), I enjoyed this guy:

Vegan Coconut/Dark Chocolate  chip cookie from our local co-op!

I also sipped a bright red (so appropriate!) slushie

..simply a blend of frozen strawberries, raspberries and flax seeds!

I leave you with some pics of me and my VALENTINE over the years (I really, really wish I had some of our “earlier” pics on this computer!).

In Mexico this past summer

Chillin at Christmas time

At a music fest this summer!

Uh.. in PA during the winter.. blahh

Being silly (ps.. we do a lot of “self takes”!)

AHH moving day

Christmas a few yrs ago (Oh yeah, I used to be blonde!)

Central Park NYC awhile back!

Out for Din din somewhere

And to wrap up… the bestest day ever!

Goodnight, everyone.. enjoy your week!! <3

Chili Time

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well.. I am certainly continuing to read all your amazing blogs (because I LOVE keeping up with everyone), but I have cut back a tad. I don’t think its REALLY healthy to stare at a computer all night. lol.  Posts may be a little more sporadic.. perhaps 2-3 times a week! Anywhooo, today’s eats were yummy, and I did snap a few pics.. here ya go..


Oatmeal with raisins and flax seeds, tea, and a side of mango/strawberries!

Random snack plate after work, obviously:

Raw veggies, nanner, wheat squares

For din din, I made chili in the crock pot. I had it on all day and by the evening, it was perfect. This batch consisted of:

  • Pinto Beans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Crushed Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Celery
  • Green Pepper
  • Mushrooms

YUM.. served over a big helping of brown rice

A lil later, I munched on a giant orange..

Enjoy your night, everyone, and enjoy the weekend!!

** Any Valentines Day plans??? The hubby and I will be heading out for a nice din din then will probably rent a movie.. low key!  :)


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